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 June1st Results

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PostSubject: June1st Results   Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:28 am

HAPPYSAP Wins it, $7.20 plus 10.5 Ko's and a $3.00 bounty on effsea and $2.00 bounty on evill joker....HAPP just killed the tank, WTG

tom905 takes 2nd, $4.80

catndoglvr takes 3rd, $2.40 plus 1/2 a Ko

horsegirl takes 4th, $1.60

gatehouse999 wins $1.35 bubbleboy and a secret $4.00 bubbleboy award

and 3rd wins the turdburglar award $2.00

collin'sAA was a no show, Will pick a new $5.00 for june 8th game

cheers all
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June1st Results
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