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 Nov. 16 game

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PostSubject: Nov. 16 game   Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:25 am

Howdy all

Bounties thusfar for Friday 16th's game

$2.00 on GateTurd.... supplied by a DR drunken

$2.00 on HONEYBEE ....carried over from last week

$1.35 bubble person.... supplied by tom905 .... Thanks tom!!



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PostSubject: Re: Nov. 16 game   Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:13 pm

[quote="dale442"]Howdy all

Bounties thusfar for Friday 16th's game

$2.00 on GateTurd.... supplied by a DR drunken

HEY I'M NO GATE........ Sleep

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PostSubject: Re: Nov. 16 game   Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:06 am

15 players found their way pass the dumpster behind walmart,
down a hill and sat down at the table, well actually a old stop sign
resting atop a rickety box. As the wodka botle made it around
the table wanderer202 fell off his bucket and found himself
the DFL award winner worth a whooping 1 playchip Embarassed

The wind blew out the 2 1/2 candles that were lighting the room
and by the time the DR found a dry match there were only 4 players left.
annie_22at90 was the bubble girl and collected the $1.35 prize. GG annie queen

The new guy, Plaws62 had 7 KO's including two $2.00 bounties
in route to a 3rd place finish worth $3.00. A few folks were
whispering beginners luck but I think he has game bounce Nice job Pete Exclamation

That left a Drunk Russain and 3rd Again locked up in a heads up match.
Seeing as they were evenly stacked I figure I had time for a dumpster dive Smile
Bingo cheers half a bottle of cheap wine and 3 cheese cracker.
Back to the game Arrow Arrow
The DR looked over and Wink at me, he was holding k4o on a king high board.
Guess after wodka, cheap wine and a cheese cracker it looked like a monster Rolling Eyes
since the chips went flying in. Needless to say a monster it wasn't affraid Embarassed Crying or Very sad

Dale442 came up one cheese cracker short finishing 2nd, taking the $4.50 prize.GG bud Exclamation

3rd Again had 5 KO's including a DR and captured the 1st prize worth $7.50. cheers cheers

Good Game folks, same time same place next week bounce bounce bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Nov. 16 game   

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Nov. 16 game
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