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Johnny Oak
Johnny Oak

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PostSubject: Gift Card Exchange   Gift Card Exchange Icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 10:32 am

Hey Tankers - I have a new idea I would like to suggest to involve more players in the club. I call it the Gift Card Exchange.

Here is how it would work. Anyone who wants to participate would go to the Walmart site and send me a gift card for $10. You can send them for free by email. For all the members that send me a gift card I would then place on a team of no more than 5 players each. We could have as many groups as we want, but probably would set limit to five groups of five. (Actual group size would be dependent on how many players. If only 9 sign up it would be 3 of 3.) Each group would then compete amongst themselves for highest position within the group.

The one that scores the highest (with a combined score of points and KO's) in their group would get 3 of the gift cards returned to them, the second place will get 2 of the gift cards returned to them. (Assuming 5 per team - would differ if smaller groups were used.)

The groups will be formed by:
first- Those that are willing to play, and
second - by the finishing order from the previous month.
This should make it so no one team is made up of all superstars.

This would add some spice to the play, but would change the style of play inherent within the teams. In this case the objective is to Knockout your team mates, instead of rooting for them.

By using gift cards instead of actual money, we are technically not violating the terms of agreement, since all we would be doing is exchanging gift cards among friends.

Make a post in this thread showing all the Pros and Cons. If you all think it is a good idea we could start collecting cards right away.

Don't play if you can't afford it, or if you aren't going to play all month.
Don't play if you don't have a Walmart nearby to cash the gift cards.
and Don't play if you think this still might violate the terms of agreement with Pokerstars.

Of course anyone who does not want to participate would still be welcome to play just for the fun of it.
So far it's just an idea. What do you think? Shoot holes in it if you can.

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PostSubject: Re: Gift Card Exchange   Gift Card Exchange Icon_minitimeSat May 04, 2013 1:17 am


HEY... wait a minute now!!!

I thought all Tankers were "superstars"?!?!?


Just givin' my big bro a hard time of course!
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Gift Card Exchange
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