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 December 7th Game and Bountys

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December 7th Game and Bountys Empty
PostSubject: December 7th Game and Bountys   December 7th Game and Bountys Icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2012 6:15 pm


$2.00 steveisnot
$1.50 joy7108
$1.50 PLaws62
$1.50 Bubble Boy/Girl

Bountys supplied by:

$4.50 Sandtrap777 TYVM Sir! Cool
$4.00 steveisnot TYVM Sir! Cool
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December 7th Game and Bountys Empty
PostSubject: Re: December 7th Game and Bountys   December 7th Game and Bountys Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 8:23 pm

10 players made their way to the table for the friday night game
including our fearless leader, altho brief was his stay. Plaws captured
the DFL award worth a playchip, spend it wisely Embarassed

Razz bobed and weaved through the field b4 falling as the bubblegirl
for the $1.50 prize Smile

Allinkim scrambled to a 3rd place finish and a $2.00 prize. She had 2 ko's
which both were bounties totaling another $3.50. Nice work Kim Very Happy

It was Cat and Joy in the heads up match. After some prodding from the
DR for a jello fight the ladies got down to business. When the dust settled
Joy was victorious and took home the 1st place prize of $5.00. She had 5 ko's
enroute to the victory including keeping her own bounties worth an
additional $1.50. Very nice win Joy cheers
Cat took home the 2nd place prize worth $3.00 to go along with a $2.00 bounty.
You know if that DR would just watch you awhile he might learn some of the finer
arts of the game lol! good game Girl Exclamation
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December 7th Game and Bountys
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