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 tank rules etc

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PostSubject: tank rules etc   tank rules etc Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 8:59 am

I think we all should know the rules of the tanks...hiccup

1- respect all and the game of poker

2- have fun

Thats it really....hiccup

The tanks are set up as a private club, I did not post the passwords in the pso forum and tank forum so that just anyone to join, you have to know a tanker to get them,

At anytime a member would like someone in, they are in...but you are responable for that person knowing the rules etc,

Now....if I get enough pm's about a member not playing by the rules etc. I will drink another beer than kick their ass out.

The Tanks were not set up private for any other reason but to have fun and play a great game.

I so proud of you all and the tank, even if's the dam thing is rigged,

cheers all

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tank rules etc
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